This Summer…We Danced!

Sure it’s still hot outside, but the final curtain has closed on summer by most accounts as the lazy days come to a close with students heading back to the books. But we are looking back on memories of summer with a song in our heart and rhythm in our soul…because we danced! 

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” 
― Henry David Thoreau

North Atlanta dance offered open summer camps for young and beginner dancers as well as summer intensives for those students wanting to sharpen their skills and take their passion to the next level. Director, Michael Garrison says summer months provide a great opportunity for dancers to make important strides forward. “When there is no school schedule to distract or take up time, the dancers can really improve their technique as well as explore other styles. Some students actually come in as beginners and are well on their way when we begin the (dance) school year in August.”

More than three hundred students took advantage of as many as six weeks of camps this summer. The young and beginner classes encouraged students to learn and practice class structure, basic ballet, have fun and make new friends! Performances were held each Friday for friends and family to celebrate all the wonderful skills they obtained.

Our tiny dancers learn basic ballet and classroom skills
More advanced dancers focused on the summer intensive sessions held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. At the culmination of each three week period dancers participated in a fully choreographed, costumed performance combining contemporary and classical ballet. They performed these productions before more than eighty friends and family and were treated to a pot luck dinner afterwards. 

Summer camps at NADA not only keep our dancers in tip-top shape and help them advance technically, they also provide employment for our valued instructors in what is typically as slow time for them. Fifteen teachers participated in the 2019 summer camp season. Thank you! 
Portions of Sleeping Beauty presented by Students of the Summer Intensives Program

And the fun is far from over! Nutcracker Auditions will take place Sunday August 25th for students ages eight to twelve. More details will be available at the studio.

The new season begins Monday August 19th for our dancers. We are looking forward to another  wonderful season of Passion in Motion!