Look around any waiting area on any given day at a dance studio and you’ll likely see a number of moms. Go backstage and you’ll see a bunch of moms carrying props, organizing costumes and drying tears. And while moms do a lot of the heavy lifting, a father’s role in a dancers life essential to overall success. We strive to give our dads the credit they deserve. We welcome all the dads to get involved in volunteering in any way they see fit!
Take a moment to watch our presentation of “To the Pointe” a monthly discussion about all aspects of dance! In early October we sat down with Andy Kalajian, veteran dance dad, to talk about a dad’s role in the life of a young dancer! He’s also Mallory Kalajian’s dad! You’ll know her as a favorite instructor at NADA and the ever popular lead maid in our production of The Nutcracker! Andy talks about Mallory’s early draw to the spotlight, what ultimately led them to NADA and why they’re ever so grateful for this school!