About NADT

About NADT

Photo by Richard Calmes


Michael and Kitty Garrison. founded North Atlanta Dance Theatre in 1998. It was initially established as a training ground for the pre-professional students of North Atlanta Dance Academy. NADT has since expanded into a semi-professional organization by utilizing the services of guest artists as well as the development of a professional free-lance resident artist program.

Since the year 2000 NADT has annually produced two seasons, featuring "The Nutcracker" in December and Spring Concert in March. NADT performs "The Nutcracker" at the Blessed Trinity Fine Arts Theater in Roswell, Georgia. As of 2005 our Spring Concerts are presented at the Infinite Energy Theater at Infinite Energy Center.

NADT entertains audiences with a balance of classical and contemporary styled works. Each year the company has matured, continually expanding its repertoire.

Mr. Garrison’s artistic vision began to take shape with his "Nutcracker" in 2000. In 2001 he staged the one act classic "Paquita" and premiered his original one act fantasy ballet titled "Fire~Water~Passion". In 2005 his powerful "Carmen" took the company to another level. The Third Act of The Sleeping Beauty (Aurora’s Wedding) staged in 2006 exhibited his dedication to the classics. 2007 took the company to the realm of contemporary ballet. Mr. Garrison made a bold artistic statement by commissioning two works from the renowned contemporary choreographer Bubba Carr (“Abstract Reflexions”) and Reagan Messer (“Time”) in tandem with his new contemporary work titled “Melange`”. In 2008 the company presented the romantic ballet “Giselle”! In 2009 Mr. Garrison premiered his original epic three act ballet titled “Pirates of the Phantom waves” and reprised it in 2010.  2011 brought back "Carmen" and the premiere of Mr. Garrison’s comic farce titled “Karnival”. In 2012 he then re-established his passion for the classics by staging full-length “Swan Lake" and in 2013 he reprised “Pirates of the Phantom Waves”. In 2014 Mr Garrison Staged the romantic classic "Les Sylphides" accompanied by the renowned concert pianist Peotr Folkert as well  as "Third Act Sleeping Beauty". In 2015 Mr. Garrison presented excerpts from "Don Quixote" as well as his "Carmen". 2016 again saw "Pirates". In 2017 Mr. Garrison will premiere his original two act ballet titled "The Rainbow King"!


North Atlanta Dance Theatre is dedicated to the enrichment of our cultural environment by providing the North Fulton /Greater Atlanta community with high quality dance performances. NADT provides performing opportunities for the development of gifted young performers as well as fine professional artists.


"Carmen" Photo by Richard Calmes

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